3D Northern Lights

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Aurora 3D sbs video clip download

Norway lights are a colorful glow of lights, which can be seen over the sky. This nature fenomen has many names: Aurora, Northern or Norway lights. They occur in upper part of our atmosphere.
Best time to watch this miracles of nature is on clear nights.

Northern lights or Aurora was named by French philosopher Pierre Gassendi in 1621.
Scandinavian nation describes this wonderful northern lights as mystical phenomenon or something with supernatural significance.
In 1773 James Cook at his expedition mentions observing Aurora phenomenon which appeares in southern hemisphere.
A century ago Northern lights were, for the first time, associated with storms in orbit of the sun. Scientists discovered and managed to explain the effects of sun storm and solar wind on magnetosphere in the early sixties.
Both even today there are some mysteries around Northern lights.

Aurora can be observed from the earth poles. The lights appear at approximately 100 km altitude in thermosphere.
Strong solar storm can cause auroral oval drop to the south or north in the southern hemisphere and makes it  visible higher in the sky at midle latitudes.
Aurora lights look like backlit clouds with shiny spots of band or arcs.
Most common we can enjoy watching Sat fluted bands which gliding over sky in white, yellow or red colors.
Whole miracle of color lights over sky are consequences of oxygen atoms in our atmosphere which are hited by solar wind, fast charged particles from sun storms.
Sun eruptions send huge numbers of charged particles. Our magnetic field direct particles into poles or so called Aurora zones.

Norway and the Northern Lights in 3D (4:46) Side by side format, download demo 3D clip (.mp4)

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