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3D drawing with 3D pen allows us literally to draw in three dimensions and to draw in the air, without any limitations. 3D pen gives you a new perspective on drawing various objects. Draw anything you want, the only limit is your imagination. The pen works like some 3D printers by melting ABS plastic, which returns to the solid state almost the same moment it leaves the 3D pen, enabling incredible 3D drawings without expensive software or various software support. All you need are your hands and your imagination. The biggest advantage is definitely the price, 3D pen provides absolutely cheaper way to produce 3D objects in comparison with 3D engraving. 3D pen uses ABS plastics as ink, which allows the possibility of multiple refilling of a different colors.
3D drawing on air doodler 2

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Prices of ABS plastic are relatively favorable. Fill 3D pen, plug it into a electrical outlet and start creating your 3D art drawings. Suitable for both hobby and professional use for a variety of 3D objects.

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