TOP 3D TVs in 2017

Why Choose LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

  • Passive 3D Glasses, LG Cinema 3D Smart glasses are without batteries, very light and available at a very affordable price. Prices of passive glasses are up to 10X lower than the prices of active 3D glasses. When you purchase the LG Cinema 3D TV it's usually accompanied by 6 pieces of passive 3D glasses for your family and friends.
  • 3D sound system is uniquely adapted to 3D content, 2.2 speakers system.
  • Manual settings for 3D, control of the depth of 3D visual effects and pop-up effects.
  • Also new is the updated 2D to 3D converter, which allows us to alter 2D content into 3D in real time in full HD 1080p picture. Which gives you access to unlimited amounts of 3D movies.
  • LG 3D Smart TVs are equipped with integrated Wi-Fi systems in order to get rid of cable connections.
  • Wireless Support
  • The most recent LG 3D smart TV technology allows you to: access to all the video content from the comfort of your home, because it has a wide range selection of the latest movies with support of programs Netflix, Vudu and Hulu Plus.
  • 3D Gaming on One TV Without a Split Screen for Two Player, with special 3D glasses, two players can compete against one another independently and catch the action on a full screen.
  • Resolution of Improving, revolutionary 3D cinema technology allows you to upscale standard picture quality to near HD, standard definition content will look beautiful on your LG Cinema 3D TV.
  • Magic Remote Control with Voice commands
  • LED Plus w/Local Dimming
  • TruMotion with 120Hz, 240Hz or 420Hz Refresh Rate, Unblur the Action
  • Intelligent Sensor for Automatically Optimizes Image
  • Smart Energy Saving Features
  • ISFccc® Ready

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