3D Holograms real or fake?

3D hologram is a technology of the future. It represents a new milestone in the field of visual media, especially in the fields of medicine, architecture, automotive industry, entertainment, video games, simulations, advertising ...

3D hologram technology is best described as a 360° virtual screen where the light laser projection creates a virtual 3D object.
3D holograms have been developed from the pepper's ghost technique, where an object or a person was placed in front of the glass. At a given angle, the illusion of an object or person in front of the glass was projected onto the selected area, where a scene was prepared. Viewers who watched the scene from the other side, experienced a projected object or person as virtual or spirit, which appeared in the scene.

With advancement in the field of 3D holographic technology dynamic animations in the form of people, vehicles, characters, animations, etc., have developed. These modern 3D holograms are projected with support of 3D laser projectors in HD technology, which adds 3D hologram exceptional detail. Development guidelines of 3D holograms suggest that this technology can replace today's media of television, computer and phone screens, as the virtual 360° 3D animations without frameworks are more advanced and more attractive. Hologram 3D technology certainly has a huge potential for the development in many areas.

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